Fix internet connection after reboot with ProtonVPN

December 26, 2021|
1 min read
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If you're using ProtonVPN with the Kill Switch feature on a Debian based operating system (such as Ubuntu/Pop_OS!), you may find yourself unable to connect to the internet after restarting your computer or resuming from sleep (if you did not disconnect from the VPN server first).

To fix this issue you will need to remove the kill switch virtual network device (or whatever it is..). First list all your internet connections using nmcli:

$ nmcli connection show

You'll see something like this:

NAME                      UUID                                  TYPE   DEVICE
MyWifiSSID                298398sj-9829-djk1-jskj-1uiidkjs1988  wifi   wlp0s20f1
pvpn-killswitch           209092dj-2989-duue-2898-2989sj29isj2  dummy  pvpnksintrf0
pvpn-ipv6leak-protection  00f7e209-2898-djkj-2892-289be298f298  dummy  ipv6leakintrf0

You'll need to delete the two interfaces starting with pvpn like so:

$ nmcli connection delete pvpn-killswitch
$ nmcli connection delete pvpn-ipv6leak-protection

And as always here's a way to script this:

$ nmcli connection show | awk '{ print $1 }' | grep pvpn | xargs nmcli connection delete

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